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Free Guitar Lessons For Beginner 1
Guitar Picking


Picking Exercises for the Open Strings of the Guitar
and Reading Musical Notation

The open strings of the guitar can be written as notes on a Musical Staff. Each guitar string and its corresponding note has a letter name. The lowest sounding string is the Sixth String E. The next lowest sounding string is the Fifth String A. Next is the Fourth String D, then the Third String G, Second String B and the First String E. The exercises are designed to increase guitar picking speed and accuracy by developing muscles in the right hand, and to familiarize the ear to the sounds of the notes of the guitar on the open strings through repetition of the exercises called ear training. Click the treble clef and the midi file will begin with two long clicks followed by four short clicks. Practice picking in unison with the computer. Then increase the speed and repeat the training exercise.

Guitar Picking Exercise 1

Click the treble clef to play every measure or click any measure to play that measure.

free_guitar_lessons_pickingfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_lessons_pickingfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_picking_lessonsfree_guitar_lessons_pickingCircled numbers are the guitar string numbers.

Guitar Picking Exercise 2

Click the treble clef to play every measure or click any measure to play that measure.


Guitar Picking Exercise 3

Click the treble clef to play every measure or click any measure to play that measure.


Remember, the goal is memorization. Not only will your fingers memorize the positions of the guitar strings, your ears will also memorize the sounds of the notes on the guitar called Ear Training, so make sure your guitar is in tune. You can tune your guitar by ear to the midi player by clicking the tune logo or tune by eye using an electronic guitar tuner. It is recommended that you learn both methods.


Free Guitar Lessons Beginners 1
Guitar Picking Ear Training Exercises

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