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  • Musical skills are acquired through study and practice.
  • Musical talent is inherited.
  • Musical aptitude is not musical talent or a musical skill .
  • Acquiring musical skills requires aptitude not musical talent. Therefore, a lack of aptitude can be offset with more practice and study.
  • Musical talent requires an equal measure of musical skill in order to be fully realized, regardless of the level of aptitude.

The Free Guitar Lessons have the above philosophy in mind . For the Complete Guitar Theory Method Book check out the Trane Music E-Bookstore

Free Guitar Lessons Beginners 1
Guitar Picking Ear Training Exercises

Free Guitar Lessons Beginners 2
Chromatic Scales Guitar Theory Ear Training

Free Guitar Lessons Beginners 3
Intervals Guitar Theory Ear Traning

Free Guitar Lessons Intermediate 1
Counting Music Rythms Music Theory

Free Guitar Lessons
Intermediate 2

Major Scales Guitar Theory Ear Training

Free Guitar Lessons Intermediate 3
Major Chords Arpeggios Guitar Music Theory Ear Training

Free Guitar Lessons Advanced 1
Dominant Seventh Chords Arpeggios Guitar Theory Ear Training

Free Guitar Lessons Advanced 2

Chord Substitution II-V Progressions Guitar Theory Ear Training

Free Guitar Lessons Advanced 3
Blues Chord Substitutions Music Theory Guitar

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MWR Bahrain Morale Welfare & Recreation Department United States Naval Support Activity, Bahrain


Mario (Trane) Eratostene


Summary of Qualifications

Mario Trane: More than 25+ years of orchestral experience as a guitarist, bassist, mandolinist, and banjoist. Specializing in jazz guitar, experienced as an instructor, performing at Broadway shows and as a recording artist accompanying celebrities. Formally educated with renowned professors and private studies.


Private studies: Vincent Bredice, Joseph ladone, Joe Diorio, Jack Wilkins Bachelor of Arts in Music, Florida International University, Miami Florida, U.S.A

Broadway Shows

Fiddler on the Roof
They're Playing Our Song
Will Rogers Follies Catskills on Broadway
Jacques Briel is Alive and Well

Bye Bye Birdie
Hello Dolly
Peter Pan
Jacques Briel is Alive and Well

City of Angels
Blood Brothers



Performed and/or Recorded With

Dizzie Gillespie
George Burns
Bob Hope
5th Dimension
Dick Clark
Ima Sumac
Tracy Ullman
Phil Flanagan

Dr. Lonnie Smith
Mike Gerber
Joe Diorio
Gene Bertincini
Jack Wilkins
Pete Minger
John Spider Martin

Jaco Pastorious
Nat Adderly
Ira Sullivan
Duffy Jackson
Clark Terry
Milton Mustafa
Mongo Santamaria


Siipikorn University (3 years)
Mahidol University (1 year)
Miami Dade Community College (17 years)
Conservatory of Fine Arts, Miami (5 years)
Lily C. Evans Middle School (1 year)


Jackie Gleason Theater for the Performing Arts
Parker Playhouse
Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Coconut Grove Playhouse
Kravitz Center for the Performing Arts
Royal Poinciana Theater